Conservative Cross-Linking for natural and long lasting beauty

Phitogen Beauty Labs’ latest innovation in raw material preparation is “conservative cross-linking”.

This process, which characterises all intradermal and intra-joint product lines manufactured by Phitogen provides an extremely even product.

Phitogen Beauty Labs’ R&D employs professionals who are experts in the processing of Hyaluronic Acid and applies internationally recommended usage protocols. A close-knit and well-tested team over the years has made it possible to experiment and develop cutting-edge techniques, increasingly efficient production processes and innovative certified formulas.

An innovative certified process

An innovative certified process

By adjusting both the temperature and the mixing time of the raw materials, the innovative process allows:

  1. controlling the degree of cross-linking of Hyaluronic Acid without causing depolymerisation;
  2. using smaller quantities of the chemical cross-linking agent BDDE so that the product is easier to manage and safer.

By using smaller quantities of the chemical cross-linking agent BDDE (< 0.1 ppm on residual finished product), Conservative Cross-Linking technology enables a more even and an extremely easy to manage final product that can integrate perfectly in the skin tissues.


A natural, gradual and long-lasting result

The use of Conservative Cross-Linking technology offers greater penetration and distribution of the product within the tissues providing a highly natural effect.

This improves the physiological well-being of the skin and activates a skin repair action that lasts over time. The result is a rejuvenating effect that does not change existing genetics, but enhances them in a natural, gradual and long lasting way.

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